Hi, I’m Blau and this is my blog, Blauspause, a somewhat amusing pun in German which is really neither here nor there. It literally translates to Blue’s print, (eerily similar to Blue’s Clues) only that the German “Blaupause” literally, word for word translates to Blue Break, even though it refers to a blueprint. And every joke, especially a forein language pun, gets soo much better once you have explained it.

I’m a soon-to-be thirty-something German who thought that maybe there would be some benefit in writing down a couple of his less stinky brainfarts. Since this really is my break from it all, what you find here is an ecclectic mix of topics I occupy myself with when I have a free minute. Criticisms of movies and TV shows (certainly not reviews), stuff that happened to me, things that bug me or irk me, as well as attempts at writing fiction. Who knows, maybe DIY gets added next.

That’s the „What“ and „Who“, anyway. I decided to make the „Why“ into the first proper entry of this thing.


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