Welcome to the Jungle

The present has become its own satire! I’m sure of it! I can’t quite put my finger on how it has managed to achieve that, but in one way or another it must have.

I watched the trailer for Jungle the other day and until the nice titlecard informed me that it was “based on a true story”, I found myself wondering whether it was set in the present or not. Continue reading “Welcome to the Jungle”


Sometimes you want to go…

…where everybody used to know your name, but now they don’t anymore, because the whole place transmogrified into some sort of hell dimension!

Not quite a dive bar, but a long shot from a place you’d take the in-laws to. A nice, cozy bar where you can spend an hour or two in the evening. Have a beer, meet friends or colleagues and talk. And if you ever go there at night instead of in the evening, you can go wild and drink heavily to loud music. Not too run-down, not too fancy, not too cheap and not too expensive. I used to have a place like that when I studied at university. Several of them, in fact. Continue reading “Sometimes you want to go…”

The blurry, slurry head-adventure!

As I left work one day, I went almost blind. That isn’t the strange thing. The strange thing is that I was used to that and didn’t even mind too much. From time to time I had always just started not having a peripheral vision anymore and then everything I looked at would blur in half a second or so. A bit like when you stare at some unmoving scene in the twilight for 30 seconds or longer. Go on, try it, most people seem to have no idea what I am talking about. Continue reading “The blurry, slurry head-adventure!”

Psychosomatic Peanut Allergy

“10 more minutes” he thought to himself after looking at his watch. “Time enough for a little nibble.” The sandwiches he had packed for lunch had provided too little sustenance for the day, so he decided to top up his belly with a snack from the vending machine. His belly had already been topped up by the 20 pounds he had regained over the last two years, but surely a small pack of salted peanuts was justified in this one, singular instance, as it had been in so many others. Continue reading “Psychosomatic Peanut Allergy”