The blurry, slurry head-adventure!

As I left work one day, I went almost blind. That isn’t the strange thing. The strange thing is that I was used to that and didn’t even mind too much. From time to time I had always just started not having a peripheral vision anymore and then everything I looked at would blur in half a second or so. A bit like when you stare at some unmoving scene in the twilight for 30 seconds or longer. Go on, try it, most people seem to have no idea what I am talking about.

Anyway, as I was standing right in front of the refrigerated goods and couldn’t really perceive any of them, that was business as usual for me. Things like that just happen sometimes, right? To everybody, right? When I got home, I sat down on the couch and let the girlfriend do all the cooking, like the macho that I ain’t. Cutting and searing stuff when I can hardly see is not a good idea, we both agreed.

Still, I wanted to talk to her and humour her while she was working. All that went out the window pretty fast, though,.when suddenly, I could not talk anymore! I mean, the sentences started out alright, but after two or three words they became a garbled, jumbled, stuttering mess. Undecodable phonemes without sense hiding in them. I thought that was peculiar at first, but when my girlfriend believed I was joking and deliberately messing around, I really began to worry. “This is getting kafkaesque real fast” I thought. That then my right arm started to go numb did not help matters any.

As soon as my significant other noticed my distress, and that I was not, indeed, messing around, she became even more worried than me and it was she who pretty much made me go to the hospital ASAP!

After some brushing along different part of my legs and arms, as well as a nice bit of sleep in the CAT scanner (it had become 3am by now), they could tell me it probably wasn’t a stroke, but kept me for the night and an EEG just to be on the safe side. Turns out I had a migraine. A friggin’ migraine! My head hadn’t even hurt all that much. Migraine are infamous for splitting headaches, aren’t they? “Migraine with an aura” the doc called it. Far from being esoteric mumbo-jumbo, this aura was real, and it encompasses all the funny non-headache stuff I was suffering from.

At least now I know both that the blurry vision is most certainly not normal, but also what is the cause for it, so I can be doubly relieved. And I’ve only had it two more times since that hospital visit half a year ago. Though never with slurred speech. That was apparently a novelty.

There are hundreds of forms of migraines, as I understand it. Should there be funny stuff going on in your head, even without actual headache, have it looked at. It might be a migraine. The nurse in the emergency room was actually cross with me for showing up to the hospital a late as I did, because frankly: the migraine was the best-case-scenario.


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