The (vain)glorious Return!

It has been 4 months since I last wrote something on this blog of mine. Well over 4 months, actually. That does seem like a long time, and once again proves how dependable I really am, doesn’t it? Still, considering the last hiatus was over a year and with virtually no content under my belt, I am not as displeased as maybe I should be.

The new year brought quite a lot of changes for me and sees me settle down for good. With added security in my life comes added motivation to write my blog again, as well as material to actually fill it with. At least that’s what I hope. I really have to work on finding things to write about.

I also have to settle into a routine where writing my blog is a time to get my mind cleared and do something for myself. Relax, empty my head of stressful bullshit, and have, like, a refuge from everyday drudgery. I also have to get my keyboard fixed, so that the w, s, and x keys will be working properly again. Do you have any ideas how many words happen to contain these particular letters? Too much to not have the keys work, that’s how many!

And since all that will take some time, I have yet to figure out if I can maintain my originally planned update schedule of once per week on or around Friday. I will leave it that way for now, but I can’t promise it won’t change any time soon.


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