Psychosomatic Peanut Allergy

“10 more minutes” he thought to himself after looking at his watch. “Time enough for a little nibble.” The sandwiches he had packed for lunch had provided too little sustenance for the day, so he decided to top up his belly with a snack from the vending machine. His belly had already been topped up by the 20 pounds he had regained over the last two years, but surely a small pack of salted peanuts was justified in this one, singular instance, as it had been in so many others. Continue reading “Psychosomatic Peanut Allergy”


Of Fairytales, Blindness, and Battle Fields

Love is pretending. Having to pretend, just for the other to not be repulsed by you. That is what I genuinely used to think. Whenever you get asked a question, for example, you have to deliberate on what the correct answer is. And when you give the wrong answer, as eventually you will when you go down that road in the first place, a little bit of you will crumble up and die, leaving you ever so slightly more bitter than you were. After all, you only said what you thought they wanted to hear. How can the other one be mad at you for something that you did not really mean, anyway? Continue reading “Of Fairytales, Blindness, and Battle Fields”