Weather springs to mind

A nice little table on a nice, quiet street just outside a bistro/bar that is a tiny bit less trendy than it fancies itself; a chilled glass of white wine; a nice, strong pipe and a great person sitting opposite. Watching people. Chatting. Laughing. The picture practically paints itself.

I love when it starts getting all summer-y. The days are not yet quite long enough, it gets chilly whenever the wind decides to blow or the sun disappears behind a particularly obstinate cloud, and leaving home without an umbrella is nothing if not foolhardy.

But on the other hand, you do not have to lug something to drink around everywhere you go because you would dehydrate faster than an exploding water balloon if you did not. You do not have to be coated in sunscreen and walk around feeling like you should try to eat Steve McQueen any minute now, dripping all the while. But you already do have an excuse to wear those totally bitchin’ sunglasses.

A myriad of possibilities to spend your time has opened itself up and has not yet had the time and opportunity to make you get tired of it. Or worse yet, grow to hate it because of the sweltering heat making all those aforementioned possibilities practical impossibilities again. Not to mention speeding up your laundry schedule.

When you leave work, suddenly your step has that certain spring to it, almost melodious in its way. It is not yet bogged down by fond thoughts of the nice, conditioned air in the stalls of the cubicle farm you have just left.

I simply love this time of year and all folks who have nothing else to say than “Ohh, looks like summer will finally be here soon!” should shut up and learn to appreciate a good spring for what it is instead of regarding it as a transitory state from a cold hell to a hot one!


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