Winds of (loose) Change

I have found myself watching an old TV series again. Not that 10 years is particularly old for television in my view, but anyway. This time on the itinerary it’s 2006’s Life on Mars, the story of DCI Sam Tyler, who wakes up as DI Tyler in 1973 Manchester and freaks out about all the funny differences like the fish out of water he is. Or so it was sold by the ads when I first watched it. It is a buddy cop show taking place in the mind of a comatose copper whose coma visions take place in 1973 and include one of the greatest and most underrated characters on British TV in the last decade, DCI Gene Hunt.

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Stairway to no heaven

That is by far my most favorite track on ILLUMENIUMs TOWARDS ENDLESS 8 (and all those allcaps are theirs, not mine)

Yes, this is the dreaded album review we will journey through together, my dear imaginary reader (isn’t it sad though, even imaginary readers number only in the ones here on my blog). I have still not actually read any proper reviews, so I don’t even know what is expected of me, here. Continue reading “Stairway to no heaven”

A Room with a Review

“Hey, do you speak English?” the guy asked me at the station. I was wary at first, usually people like that are out to beg or talk to you about their religious cult. Turns out this guy was in a band called ILLUMENIUM (their allcaps, not mine). Having had an extremely long and tedious day, being on my feet or in a train for more than 12 consecutive hours, I wasn’t really up on my A-game, conversation-wise. I mostly nodded and interjected a lone “Ahh.” here and there, as he was telling me about the many live shows they play, post-grunge in general, and how much you have to pay for the permission to play in Switzerland. Nevertheless, I decided to listen to the guy anyway, because he seemed genuinely nice and interesting. I might also have been a little flattered that I still looked like a rock/metal/post-grunge kind of guy in my fine clothes (I was coming from a job interview, you see). It was also quite cold outside and I had to kill another 25 minutes before my bus arrived, but that is incidental. Continue reading “A Room with a Review”

Our Father who art in heaven…

They are ever-ascending, reaching towards the skies without ever stopping. Going up and up and up and never coming back down, again. Except that they are, of course. Right there, on the other side, not two meters to your left. Or your right of course, depending on the model. And also on whether you are inside or out. Mustn’t forget the point of view. I am talking, of course, about paternoster elevators. Continue reading “Our Father who art in heaven…”