New update schedule

In light of recent events, ahem, I have decided to slightly tweak my update schedule. Instead of every week on Friday, I have decided that I want to have new updates live by Friday. That has pretty much the same effect on you, the reader (thanks for reading, by the way) for hom everything stays the same, but allows me to publish a little early every now and then, should I feel so inclined.


That is all. As you were!


The Curious Incident of the Blogger at Update Time

If I had a regular readership, they would have noticed something last Friday. Or rather, they would have noticed the lack of something, a fact that gives me tremendous pleasure in its similarity to a plot element in the Sherlock Holmes story Silver Blaze. Continue reading “The Curious Incident of the Blogger at Update Time”

The Old Man and the Beer

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rhetorical Question

An old man sitting at a table of a café in a mall. He looks like he is well in his seventies and reminds me a lot of my grandpa, who never got to be in his own mid-70s. He is one of those old-fashioned old people, old people how they used to be, back in the day when old folks still were old folks. His clothes are a mish-mash of browns and dark greens and his trousers are made from corduroy. He sits at his table, all alone, drinking his beer. This is Germany and well in the afternoon, so nothing out of ordinary there. And yet, this frail, smallish old man, sitting alone among all the young and hip people in the food court of this young and hip mall of a small town with delusions of grandeur throws me completely off my track. Continue reading “The Old Man and the Beer”