Why pt.2 – Electric Boogaloo

Why, indeed?

Well, here we are, over a year since the last entry. And nothing much has changed. I am not quite a soon-to-be-thirty-something anymore, but that just comes with the general laws of physics and what-have-you. I am, however, still as directionless as ever and find myself with lots of free time on my hands and nothing interesting to experience and then write about.

One major thing that did change, though, is not so much a thing as a person. I had the privilege of meeting someone who I have become somewhat close with, who just so happens to write, herself. And the tiniest amount of encouragement from her made me reconsider my lack of input into this here blog.

This is not about that person, though I may find myself writing about her in future entries. This is about the fact that there will indeed be future entries at all. It will be a huge relief to all the people following this blog (that means you, automated spambot kinda thing) to read the announcement I am about to make:

I will do everything that is within my power to get a new entry up in this thing every single Friday, all throughout the year. Since that means I will have roughly a week of time for each one, they might even turn out to be somewhat well-written, unlike this piece of longwinded, rambling nonsense (I am sorry about that, by the way).

So, here’s to, like, 11 months worth of fridays.


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