Alright, after having dealt with who I am and what this is, let’s review the rationale that lead me to doing this:

About one and a half years ago, I had a sudden realization that I consume lots of media but don’t really do anything productive, I don’t really produce anything. Around the same time, I tried to start writing a Journal, which I did for a couple of weeks before it petered off and that was that. But, within these couple of weeks, I thought: „Hey, maybe writing a blog is something to do for me.“ So, in a somewhat drunken rush I looked up if this very specific name was still available and upon finding out it was, I registered it. Then I did absolutely nothing with it for way over a year, until now.

Two things happened somewhat simultaneously. First, I spent a couple of days in Vienna, on a business trip of sorts. Being somewhat of an Austrophile, I took great pleasure in undertaking this trip and spent every minute outside of the official schedule doing other interesting stuff. Exploring the city, experiencing it. I had experimented half a year earlier in Munich with writing down what I had done over the whole day, just for the hell of it. Since I wanted to get the most out of Vienna and pretty much had (it is Vienna, after all) to spend some time sitting in Cafés and relaxing, I took a little booklet with me and spent that time writing.

Secondly: At around the same time, some sort of spambot or spam-account or whatever decided to followed this, at that time completely forgotten and completely empty, blog. My thought processes were something like: „I wanted to do a blog an didn’t, because I didn’t have any content. That stuff in my little booklet from Vienna is content, isn’t it?“ So, adding up one and one, here we are.


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